Privacy Statement for (“Privacy Statement”)


All features of the website can be only accessed after you have registered yourself for the relevant features. The registration process requires that you provide certain personal data (as further set out below) to SAP SE ("SAP"). This Privacy Statement is intended to inform you about which personal data SAP will be collecting during the registration process and how it is using this data.

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Information we collect

When you register at, we ask you to provide the following personal data relating to you, namely your:

  • first and last name;
  • email address;
  • telephone number

You may further add the same contact details of another representative of your company to the registration from. By including such contact details you represent that you have the consent of such representative to provide SAP with such information. We may further collect and process any information and data that you volunteer to us, e.g. when you use a service, register for events, subscribe to newsletters or participate in online surveys. Consent into this privacy statement and the use of your personal data by SAP is absolutely voluntary: However, kindly note that you cannot access all features of the website without having registered yourself in advance. You and the other representative of your company may correct, update or review the above contact information at any time by signing in and updating the relevant Profile.

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Use of Personal Data

SAP will use (in particular store) your personal data only as described in this Privacy Statement. As a consequence, SAP uses the personal data only:

  • to provide you with access to the website;
  • to provide the ability to you to view protected content within the website;
  • to keep you up to date on the latest service updates, software updates, software upgrades, security patches, system enhancements, special offers related to SAP's services, and other information;
  • to provide the ability to contact you;

SAP may also involve for the purposes above its affiliates. SAP and its affiliates may process your personal data within and outside the European Economic Area and also in such countries that do not feature a level of data protection that is comparable to the data protection standards within the European Economic Area.

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Deletion of your personal data/ end of access to the website

You and/or the other representative of your company may at any time request that your and/or the representative's personal data stored with SAP be deleted. Please direct any such request at: Kindly note that in case of a deletion of your/ the representative's (personal) registration data you, the representative and your company will no longer be able to access the website.

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Changes to these privacy terms

In case that the conditions under which we process your personal data change, we (i) will inform you about the change and (ii) ask for your new consent into such changed conditions. Kindly note that your further access to the website may be dependent of your new consent.

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Revised and posted as of July 1, 2017